Winner of the Elbrus Trail in 2018 Olga Tarantinova about the distance Trail

In advance think carefully how you will get to the venue of the race, take logistics seriously

And remember that it will be very annoying to arrange additional adventures for yourself or not to get to the start at all simply because you were late for landing at the airport 🙂

It is necessary to take trekking sticks at a distance! The descent on the Trail is difficult and loose. If you do not have experience with trekking sticks on the descent, you will be very uncomfortable, and those, who have such experience, will quickly get ahead. For example, I did not have the opportunity to train in the mountains or come to the Elbrus region in advance, my training included cross-training and physical training, so I learned the technique of working with trekking sticks only by the middle of the climb…

Do not repeat my mistakes! Work out the technique in advance and try to train more on steep slopes.

Separately, I want to say about the landscapes at a distance of Trail – this is very cool. I really envied those participants who stopped and took photos of these views.