I hope Elbrus will love me

Interview with a participant of distance the Race 109 Nadezhda Nosonenko from Vladivostok

Talk about yourself.

N.N. A typical office monkey, a few years ago I got off the couch. Something went wrong, and instead of the classical way of the fitchickto the sports hall, I was every time out in the sticks and off-road. “The worse, the better” – that’s about me.

Progress in running.

N.N. I run for the soul, I like to feel the power and energy of movement. The main achievement is to run forward, again and again, no matter what. Well, if you go to the more prosaic criteria for achievement, then these are prizes in our local races. And participation in Altai Ultra Trail for 110 km in 2018. From our Far Eastern locations it is not so easy to get out, therefore 99% of starts are their, home.

How do you prepare for the EWR?

N.N. Just do not stop.

What do you like most about our race?

N.N. Beauty! This is what I get up for and leave the house – the beauty of our nature, the purity of the air, the noise of the rivers and the greatness of the mountains. In the race around Elbrus there is all this – admiration and rapture, with how our world is beautiful. I catch my breath when I look at pictures from the race of the past. And I want to see firsthand what people from all the world are drawing.

What are your expectations from the 2019 Elbrus World Race?

N.N. I want to experience all the emotions of a long race, from enthusiastic euphoria to anger and denial. Feel them, die and be born again, becoming stronger, more experienced and more mature. Mountains aren’t supposed to be won, they’re supposed to be loved.. I hope Elbrus will also love me, and everything that I expect will come true)