How to download GPS track

How to upload GPS tracks to popular devices?

In order to upload a GPS track of the trail you’re interested in to a navigation device, you have to download it from the competition website and save it in any directory of your computer.

Next, depending on what navigation device you use, you are to do the following:

Suunto handheld devices

  1. Log in to your account to which your device is connected. If you do not have an account, you need to create it and connect your device using the guide available at

  2. Open the Map tab.

  3. Mouse over the blue circle with a plus (Create new route), choose Import route.

          4. Choose the directory in which the GPS track is.

          5. Name the track (you can use only Latin symbols and numbers), flag the file for using it via your device, and click Save.

  1. Connect the device to the computer using a USB cable or initiate the process of synching it with the Movescount app.

  2. After the synching, check whether the GPS track has been uploaded to your device: go to the Navigation menu, and then choose the Routes option. If everything is all right, the route navigation will be available in the Exercise mode.

Garmin handheld devices

The detailed guide to uploading GPS tracks to Garmin devices is available here

Garmin touristic trackers

  1. Connect the device to your computer using a cable.
  2. Use the explorer to open the core folder of the device (not an SD card), go to the Garmin folder and then to the GPX folder.

           3. Copy the GPS track file, which you had downloaded in advance, to the folder.

           4. Use the Safely Remove Hardware feature.

           5. Having turned on the device, check whether the GPS track has become available in Routes/Tracks menu.