Ivan Kuzmin on Changes in Elbrus World Race 2018

Elbrus World Race is an international competition, which is annually held in Prielbrusye in the first week of August. This year, there will be many interesting changes in the event. Ivan Kuzmin, the Elbrus World Race director, ski orienteering world champion, Honoured Master of Sports of Russia, the Russian Trail Running Association chairman, has answered […]


The aEWR 2017 Paradox: Hotter, Yet Faster

710 athletes applied for participation in four races – it’s a new aAWR record. The number of participants has increased by more than a third. The competition results also improved: six new trail records were set. A great contribution to it was the participation of world class athletes. 112 km of patience and caution As […]


Вход на aEWR-2017 через Лекционный клуб!

С 1-го августа – дня открытия Центра соревнований в отеле «Снежный барс» – начнёт работу Лекционный клуб aEWR-2017. События, проводимые под открытым небом, начинаются на площадке между жилыми корпусами отеля «Снежный барс». Остальные мероприятия состоятся в конференц-зале на втором этаже Центра соревнований (новый жилой корпус отеля – ближайший ко въезду) Участников и гостей гонки ждёт […]


Flash Interviews With adidas Elbrus World Race Winners

The adidas Elbrus World Race 2016 winners, namely Dmitry Mityaev, Anastasiya Chelysheva and Elena Lebedeva, are going to participate in the competition again. They told us why they like the Prielbrusye race, what the best way to prepare for it is, and what can be challenging even to the most experienced athletes.  Anastasiya Chelysheva, the […]


Interview with Sébastien Chaigneau

Sébastien Chaigneau needs no introduction and is famous among those who love trailrunning. He’s one of the pioneers of this kind of sports and one of those who developed it and made it popular. This year, Sébastien Chaigneau is going to participate in the adidas Elbrus World Race ultra trail, and it will be a […]