Four-Time Winner of Elbrus World Race Dmitry Mityaev Returns to Prielbrusye

Registration for participation in any of the races of Elbrus World Race ends today at 11.59 pm. Dmitry Mityaev, one of the Russian trail runners with most titles, is going to run an EWR race for the 5th time – this year, it’s the 50-mile Elbrus Mountain 50M. Since 2014, he has won four long-distance […]


Dmitry Shapka, Caucasus Discovery: “Immersion into the World of Elbrus World Race Led Me to the Idea of Combining Travelling and Training in the Mountains”

Less than a month remains until Elbrus World Race kicks off, and preparations for it are in full swing. More than 700 people have already registered for participation, and they have an opportunity to train in technically difficult parts of the race. The company responsible for logistics during the Elbrus World Race competition is Caucasus […]


Alejandro Ouziel On His Return to Elbrus World Race: “The Beauty and Wilderness of Elbrus are Kind of Magical”

Less than a week remains until registration for participation in Elbrus World Race ends. This year, Prielbrusye will welcome back Alejandro Ouziel, a Spanish athlete who came second in the 112-km Elbrus Mountain Race in 2015. The wilderness of this area gives you a sense of freedom, says he: the area is much less developed […]


PETZL To Light It Up At Elbrus World Race

In 2018, the PETZL company, following the established tradition, will provide headlamps for Elbrus World Race participants. This kind of equipment is a must for those athletes who will venture to run the longest race, which involves running at night. Elbrus Mountain 50M is to take place on August 3, at 11 pm. Registration for […]


Francesca Canepa: “Climbing Elbrus Would Have Been Interesting”

This year, Elbrus World Race participants will be joined by Francesca Canepa, one of the most prominent Italian trail runners and the holder of the 4th rank among Italian female athletes in the ITRA Performance Index list. The 46-year-old athlete, a mother of two children, had the courage to start competing again after accusations of […]