Flash Interviews With Participants of adidas Elbrus World Race 2017

There are athletes who participate in the adidas Elbrus World Race on a regular basis: racing in Prielbrusye makes you want to come back, and participants set new goals. Trailrunners say it’s a true challenge, and the feeling of euphoria experienced upon finishing is enormous. Running in the mountains gives you lots of energy and […]


Obligatory and Recommended Equipment for adidas Elbrus World Race

Less than four months are left till the most picturesque and thrilling trailrunning competition of the season, adidas Elbrus World Race, starts. Many of those who have applied for participation have already started preparing for it: they stick to their training schedule, adjust their diets, and train in mountain areas. Pavel Sysoev, the rogaine world […]


Petra Vladimirov And Jane Andreeva On Elbrus Mountain Race 2016

On April 20, the registration for Elbrus Mountain Race (112 km) will be closed for foreign participants. In 2016, there was one foreign team participating in the race: it’s Cici&Mucki from Slovenia, and its members are Petra Vladimirov and Jane Andreeva. These ladies took 7th place among all the teams. We asked Petra and Jane […]


Ivan Kuzmin comments on changes in adidas Elbrus World Race 2017

The international trailrunning competition adidas Elbrus World Race is to take place in Prielbrusye on August, 3-5. Those taking part in one of the most massive and prestigious trailrunning races in Russia will have an opportunity to put their skills to the test and experience the mountains and see the most picturesque views of the […]


Registration For adidas Elbrus World Race Continues

Registration For adidas Elbrus World Race Continues The first week of August will see the international trailrunning competitions called adidas Elbrus World Race take place in Prielbrusye. It will be the sixth time the competitions are held. AEWR is proud to be a member of the ITRA and a qualification race for UTMB®. Those sportsmen […]