Alejandro Ouiziel talks about ADIDAS ELBRUS WORLD RACE: 2015 vs 2016

Alejandro Ouziel from Spain who took the 2nd place with his teammate Andrei Piven in the Elbrus Mountain Race 2015 told us about his experience, impressions and plans for this season. The standard registration for the Elbrus Mountain Race for foreign participants will end 20th April, and the discounted rate registration will last only for […]


Registration for the ADIDAS ELBRUS WORLD RACE 2016

The Discounted Rate Registration for the ADIDAS ELBRUS WORLD RACE will end in less than 10 days. The competition will be held from August 4-6  in one of the most beautiful places in Russia, in the Prielbrusye National Park, located next to the highest peak in Europe – Mount Elbrus. The ADIDAS ELBRUS WORLD RACE, […]


Ivan Kuzmin talks about new Elbrus World Race distances

In 2016 two more distances are added to Elbrus World Race. That’s the 59 km long Elbrus Mountain Ultra and the 11 km long Elbrus11. Discounted rate preregistration for all distances is already open through the official Race website. The Race director and Merited Master of Sport Ivan Kuzmin talks about introducing new distances, transforming creative chaos into well-coordinated team effort and why it’s important to celebrate the last finishers.


Elbrus World Race by adidas Outdoor: Results 2015

The discounted 2016 preregistration is already open through the official website and we are ready to wrap up the results of the 2015 Race. Alexey Bezugliy, adidas Outdoor senior marketing director, and Sergey Zon-Zam, the director of the Race organizer company Alpindustria and one of the pioneers of the track round Elbrus, share their experiences of the 2015 Race and future plans.


Elbrus Mountain Race 2015 through the Winners’ Eyes

Elbrus Mountain Race is a 112 km long run through the valleys and gorges around Elbrus that brings participants 3 UTMB® qualifying points. Currently it’s the most challenging and extreme racing distance offered by Elbrus World Race by adidas Outdoor. Last time we covered the 46 km Elbrus Mountain Marathon and today the winners in the longest distance will share their experiences.