Ivan Kuzmin talks about new Elbrus World Race distances

In 2016 two more distances are added to Elbrus World Race. That’s the 59 km long Elbrus Mountain Ultra and the 11 km long Elbrus11. Discounted rate preregistration for all distances is already open through the official Race website. The Race director and Merited Master of Sport Ivan Kuzmin talks about introducing new distances, transforming creative chaos into well-coordinated team effort and why it’s important to celebrate the last finishers.


Elbrus World Race by adidas Outdoor: Results 2015

The discounted 2016 preregistration is already open through the official website and we are ready to wrap up the results of the 2015 Race. Alexey Bezugliy, adidas Outdoor senior marketing director, and Sergey Zon-Zam, the director of the Race organizer company Alpindustria and one of the pioneers of the track round Elbrus, share their experiences of the 2015 Race and future plans.


Elbrus Mountain Race 2015 through the Winners’ Eyes

Elbrus Mountain Race is a 112 km long run through the valleys and gorges around Elbrus that brings participants 3 UTMB® qualifying points. Currently it’s the most challenging and extreme racing distance offered by Elbrus World Race by adidas Outdoor. Last time we covered the 46 km Elbrus Mountain Marathon and today the winners in the longest distance will share their experiences.


Elbrus Mountain Marathon 2015 through the Winners’ Eyes

Elbrus Mountain Marathon is a 46 km long run with the elevation gain of 3150 meters and participation in which brings 1 ITRA and 1 UTMB® 2016 qualifying point. It’s one of the three distances of Elbrus World Race by adidas Outdoor 2015. Last time we shared the experiences of those who ran the 34 km Elbrus Trail 34 and this time we are going to cover the longer and more challenging marathon distance.


Elbrus Trail 2015 through the Winners’ Eyes

Elbrus World Race by adidas Outdoor came to its finish just two weeks ago and we have interviewed the participants and prepared a series of material covering each of the Race distances – Elbrus Trail, Elbrus Mountain Marathon and Elbrus Mountain Race. Today we cover the shortest distance – the 34 km long Elbrus Trail that gains 2100 m of elevation, crossing the mountain lake Syltran and the mountain pass of the same name, and descending via Kyrtyk Gorge to the start and finish point – Verkhniy Baksan.