Alpindustria team (Irina Safronova and Yakov Frenklakh) has finished the first. Their time is 22:41:24.2. Bedrock (Alejandro Quiziel, Andrii Piven) 26:54:293. SPLAV/X-Race_Kuragan 27:49:274. Dva stakana (Garynya Sablin-Yavorskiy, Roman Kulikov)  31:46:055. Klub al’pinistov MEI (Ekaterina Dolgopolova, Alexander Igumnov) (33:45:34)6. Air Brakes (Irina Kukueva, Valery Evgrafov)  37:03:49. 7. Al’tima/Starie koni ((Viacheslav Odokhovskiy, Andrey Chitnev) 44:45:13


Balk-Bashi pass

Now all the teams are quite far from each other. The leaders – Irina Safronova and Yakov Frenklakh headed to the Balkbashi pass (3692 m) at 17:35 and the second were Alejandro Quiziel, Andrii Piven (19:20).At this moment all the teams have passed the Hurzuk village, the last team left that place at 21:55.  


Hurzuk village

The leading team for this moment is Alpindustria. The athletes have already left the West Camp (one of the two camps for the participants where they can change their clothes, eat something or take a rest) and have arrived to the Hurzuk village.  The second was Bedrock team (15:00).The third came Dva stakana team at 16:00.The […]


On the Azau pass

All the teams have reached already the Azau pass as our colleagues have informed us just now. The participants feel good and are very enthusiastic about the race.The leading team (Bedrock)Time on the Azau pass (UTC+03:00):1. Bedrock (Alejandro Quiziel, Andrii Piven) 9:43:292. Alpindustria (Irina Safronova, Yakov Frenklakh) 9:44:303. Klub al’pinistov MEI (Ekaterina Dolgopolova, Alexander Igumnov) 9:54:284. Dva stakana (Garynya Sablin-Yavorskiy, Roman Kulikov) 9:55:255. SPLAV/X-Race_Kuragan (Alexander Safonov, Irina […]