Irina Safronova speaks about the Race distance The winner of the Race distance in 2015 and 2016

Earlier the Race distance passed through the Azau pass, which is located close to the border, so that border passes were necessary for the participants and several kilometers after the starting line it was required to organize a crossing.

In 2019 the distance will pass through the more famous Khotyutau pass, where, according to preliminary data, border passes won’t be needed. In January we made a formal request to clarify the rules for the 2019. Passport check and issuance of passes for foreign participants will definitely be compulsory.

As for the Race root, it runs along the road, then along the cable road at the Krugozor station and then a trail leads to the lake and the glacier. It is the open-type gentle glacier, which has beautiful views of Elbrus and causes no technical difficulty, so the ice snow grips won’t be needed. The way down is easy and in the section of flattening a tidy path starts. By all means, always follow the track even if it seems illogical to you – it is necessary to avoid the cracks.

In 2019 it will be possible to participate in a solo at the Race distance. GPS trackers will be used to follow the participants and send a Race distance workers for a check-up if necessary. In case of emergency, the participants can send out an SOS. There will be a marking at the distance, however, each participant must necessarily have the track downloaded to the watches or GPS, which should be working for the entire race. The duration limit of the distance is 40 hours.

There will be small tents in the MES-zone and one big tent at the North camp. Enough space for everyone is not guaranteed – first come, first take. There will be no food points on the way, participants will go to a food point of the shorter distances 14 kilometers before the finish line. There will be two starting points, at the first-third of the distance and at the second-third.

Since reaching the West camp time control measures are imposed. If participants miss the timing, they are evacuated at their personal expense. Time control points will be set in areas where an evacuation is possible to implement.

To be allowed to participate a person needs to have all the necessary documents to confirm the fact of finishing the trail longer than 60km, the Ultra distance or a distance no shorter that the marathon and the fact of having hiking or mountaineering experience.