Trail running competition ALPINDUSTRIA ELBRUS RACE is created with passion for mountains to give people an opportunity to explore the wild terrain around the highest mountain of geographical Europe – Elbrus (5642), and race there. The main objectives are to promote a healthy, active lifestyle, popularization of the Elbrus region as a place of active rest of people, and identification of the strongest athletes.

Public organization «Alpindustria Mountain Club» Address: 105037, Russia, Moscow, Pervomayskaya str, 18.

Bank details
Name: «MOO MO Mountain club Alpindustria»
Address: 18 Pervomayskaya, Moscow, 105037, Russia
Phone: (495) 232-97-79
Fax: (499) 367-31-83
INN: 7719468714
KPP: 771901001
OGRN: 1177700007088
OKPO: 74466754
OKWED: 94.99
bank account: 40703810787140000005
BIK: 044525256

Dates and location

August 5-7, 2022 . Competition center is located in Russia, Kabardino-Balkar Republic, Elbrus region, Terskol village.


Kids – around 1 km and about 130 m elevation gain, starts from Azau Glade  on August 6, at 8:30 a.m.  The participants are required to be 12 years or younger. The cut-off time for finishing is 30 mins. For the children under 6 years, the distance is cut in half. Starts from Azau Glade, on August 6, at 9 a.m.

junior  –  around 2 km and about 200 m elevation gain, starts from Azau Glade on August 6, at 9:30 a.m. The cut-off time for finishing is 30 mins.  The participants are required to be 15 years or younger.

Garabashi 10 – around 10 km and about 1000 m elevation gain,  starts from Azau Glade on August 6, at 10:00 a.m.  The cut-off time is 4 hours.

Cheget 24  –  around 24 km and about 1850 m elevation gain,  starts from Azau Glade on August 6, at 8 a.m. The cut-off time is 7 hours. 1  ITRA points, 1  UTMB® points.

 Kahiani 35 –  around 34 km and about 3100 m elevation gain,  starts from Azau Glade on August 6, at 7 a.m. The cut-off time is 10 hours. 2  ITRA points, 2  UTMB® points.

Syltran 33 – around 33 km and about 2400 m elevation gain,  starts from  Verkhniy Baksan  village on August 7, at 8 a.m. The cut-off time is 10 hours. 2  ITRA points, 2  UTMB® points.

Suarykaush 44 –  around 44 km and about 3500 m elevation gain,  starts from  Verkhniy Baksan  village on August 7, at 7 a.m. The cut-off time is 15 hours. 3  ITRA points, 3  UTMB® points.

Chatkara 60 – around 60 km and about 4400 m elevation gain,  starts from  Verkhniy Baksan  village on August 7, at 5 a.m. The cut-off time is 17 hours. 3  ITRA points, 3  UTMB® points.

Race – around 109 km and about 5650 m elevation gain,  starts from  Azau Glade on August 6, at 6 a.m. The cut-off time is 40 hours. 5  ITRA points, 5  UTMB® points.

Elbrus World Race –  around 127 km and about 7100 m elevation gain,  starts from  Azau Glade on August 6, at 6 a.m. individual participation. The cut-off time is 40 hours. 5  ITRA points, 5  UTMB® points.

Age Categories

М /W 16-17 (Be 16-17 years of age on the date of the Race) only for Garabashi 10 race

  • М / W 18-34 (Be 18-34 years of age on the date of the Race)
  • М /W 35-49 (Be 35-49 years of age on the date of the Race)
  • М / W 50+ (Be 50 years of age or older on the date of the Race)


Elbrus World Race, Race, Chatkara 60, Suarykaush 44, Kahiani 35, Syltran 33, Cheget 22 и Garabashi 10 : the first 3 men and the first 3 women in the general ranking receive a medal and a prize.  The first 3 men and the first 3 women in each age category receive a diploma and a souvenir.   

Junior race:  The first 3 boys and the first 3 girls receive  a diploma and a souvenir.

There are no awards at the Kids race.

If the group consists of 3 or more participants, the reward receives the runner with the best result. If there is less than 3 participants in the group, the group is united with the stronger group.

The number of prizes and ranking positions can be increased by the decision of the organization.

If you cant take part in the award ceremony, you can pick up your prize at the race HQ the following day.  


In order to participate in the Alpidustria Elbrus Race, you must meet the following conditions:

* Become a member of the  Public organization «Alpindustria Mountain Club» (Participants of the Alpidustria Elbrus Race trail running competition are eligible for automatic membership with exemption from paying the entry (membership) fee)

* Read, fully understand, and agree to the foregoing terms. Participating in the  Alpidustria Elbrus Race events implies full and unreserved acceptance of the regulations presented hereinafter.

*  Be at least 18 years of age on the date of the Race. To apply to  Garabashi 10 Race, u need to be at least 16 years of age.  To apply to  Junior Race, u need to be 13-15 years of age.  Only kids of 12 years and younger can participate in the Kids Race. For underage participants, their parents are responsible for all items established in this Terms and Conditions by signing the appropriate agreement during the bib collection.

* Submit an Alpidustria Elbrus Race  registration application online and pay the fee.

* To be completely aware of the length and specificity of the event and to be perfectly prepared for it. Participants attest they are physically fit and have sufficiently trained to safely complete any of the Races

* To present the original of the written medical clearance (certificate) issued not earlier than 6 months before the supposed end date of the race. Submit the original or a copy of this clearance to the organizing committee. Foreign participants must submit an admission in Russian or English. All medical certificates must be provided in russian or english.

* Runners must always carry with them all items of the mandatory gear checklist. The list of equipment is published on

* To apply for Chatkara 60 you must provide a link to the ITRA profile, confirming that you have successfully finished at least one mountain race with an altitude of at least 3000 m or documents confirming your experience in mountaineering (reports, route and climbing books, etc.).

* To apply for the Elbrus World Race, Race you must provide a link to the ITRA profile, confirming that you have successfully completed at least one  mountain race with an altitude of at least 3000 m and your PI on must be at least 400.  Or you can provide us with a link to a protocol proving  you have successfully completed a distance not shorter than a marathon (42 km) with an average pace of at least 6:30 min per km and documents confirming mountaineering experience .
* The above experience must not be more than 4 years old from the date of submission

* the Public organization «Alpindustria Mountain Club» does not assume responsibility for your health, safety, security, or support.

* you must acknowledge that the Alpindustria Elbrus Races take place in remote parts of the region and, in case of emergency, the evacuation may take a very long time or may even be impossible.

* Be fully personally responsible for obtaining visas and complying with all requirements of immigration laws related to crossing the borders of the Russian Federation, staying on the territory of Russia and participating in the Alpindustria Elbrus Race. The organization under no circumstances bears any responsibility for costs of any kind (including entry fee refund) if you are unable to come to Russia and participate in the Alpindustria Elbrus Race due to your failure to comply with passport, visa or other immigration requirements.

The organization reserves the right to refuse an application without explanation.

Entry fee and limits on the number of participants

DistanceLimitEntry fee made before 15 January, 2022Entry fee made before 31 May, 2022Entry fee made before 20 July, 2022Entry fee made on the date of the race, in agreement with the organizers
ElbrusWorld Race10011 000 руб12 000 руб13 000 руб14 000 руб
Race15010 000 руб11 000 руб12 000 руб13 000 руб
Chatkara 603007 000 руб8 000 руб9 000 руб10 000 руб
Suarykaush 443005 000 руб6 000 руб7 000 руб8 000 руб
Kahiani 354004 000 руб5 000 руб6 000 руб7 000 руб
Syltran 334004 000 руб5 000 руб6 000 руб7 000 руб
Cheget 245003 000 руб4 000 руб5 000 руб6 000 руб
Garabashi 105002 500 руб3 000 руб3 500 руб5 000 руб
Kids&Junior120500 руб600 руб700 руб800 руб


Personal discounts on the entry fee are provided through the use of a promo code issued by the organizers. The following participants are eligible for the discount:

* Participants who took first place in the main group on any of the previous year`s distances — get a 100% discount

* Participants who took 2nd and 3d places in the main group on any of the previous year`s distances — get a 50% discount

*discounts based on ITRA rating, PI>800 for men, PI>660 for women – 100%

* discounts based on ITRA rating, PI>750 for men, PI>630 for women – 50%

The participants must send an email to with the subject line “promo code request” in order to receive it. After checking the data, the participants will receive a reply with confirmation and a promo code.

Promotion code can be activated only once during the entry fee payment. A promotion code is personalized and can only be activated by a certain participant. The application, made with the use of such a promo code, cannot be transferred to another participant.

Th entry fee includes a mountain insurance, transfer from Verkhny Baksan to Azau glade and back, food points throughout the races (except Garabashi 10 and Kids races), food at the finish line, mountain guides and volunteers to ensure mountain safety, medical assistance, a  medal, a T-shirt and souvenirs with competition symbols, gifts from sponsors.

Expanded entry fee includes additional transfer from/to the airport and is equal to 1200 rubles per route.

The organizer reserves the right to change the amount of the target contribution due to changes in currency exchange rates, the economic situation, etc.


Participants who decide to withdraw from the race or fail to meet the time limits are responsible for the costs associated with transportation to the finish line. Due to the off-road nature of the terrain and the long distances involved, transportation costs are quite high.


Applicants must submit registration application online on the competition`s website Registration is open as long as there are free spots, and will be closed in accordance with the Program of the competition, published on the website of the competition, at 23:59 on July 20, 2021.  to apply for any of the Races at the start day is possible only by agreement with the organizers and if there are free slots.

For participants of Elbrus World Race, Race, Chatkara 60 the possibility of payment will be available after verification of compliance with the requirements for the mountain experience.

Participant’s application becomes valid after the organizer receives the payment.


Race-bibs are handed over to each runner \ runners` representative upon presentation of:

  A valid ID \ copy of a passport

 the original medical certificate

  The sighed participation agreement

 application for membership in the «Alpindustria Mountain Club»

The race-bib must be worn on the chest or stomach and must remain permanently and completely visible during the whole race. It must always be placed on top of all clothing and must not be positioned on a leg or on the pack.

Every bib contains an electronic tracking chip. To ensure its performance, participants must not trim, fold, or otherwise alter their Race bib.

Cancellation and re-registration of the application

Cancellation of the application and re-registration can be done through the personal cabinet of the trail runner or by e-mail sent to You will receive an application form, which must be filled out and signed, and send the original application to the Organizer’s address, 18, Pervomaiskaya street, Moscow, Russia, 105037

Dateuntil 15 January, 2022Until 31 May, 2022Until 20 July, 2022
% refund90%70%30%

In case of cancellation of the application after  July 20, 2022 the entry fees will not be refunded.  A participant can receive a race start-pack at the start site, or after the race at a location agreed with the organizer within a week after the end of the race.

In the case of switching from a smaller to a larger distance, the participant must pay the cost difference. In the case of switching from a larger to a smaller distance, the difference is not refundable.

After July 20, 2022, thr re-registration or changing of race will be impossible.

The Alpindustria Elbrus Race takes place in the high altitude, in difficult weather conditions (night, wind, cold, rain or snow).  Combination of bad weather, a minor injury, severe fatigue or the dark time of day can be fatal for a runner who does not have enough clothing and food with them on the route. In order to ensure their security, each participant must carry with them all the items listed in the mandatory equipment checklist. Before the start of the Race, each participant must  present their mandatory equipment to verify its contents.  

At the finish line –  the first five finishers  on each race will be subjected to the equipment check and random control of the remaining finishers.

Participants who fail to present every item from mandatory equipment checklist listed as A  will be disqualified. Participants who fail to present every item from mandatory equipment checklist listed as B  will be subjected to 1 hour penalty.

A list of  mandatory equipment  can be found at


If a runner breaks the rules, the organizers  can apply a penalty according to the following chart:

Participating under a false nameDisqualification
Lack of respect for others, behavior in unsportsmanlike mannerDisqualification
use of a means of unauthorized transportation  Disqualification
Departure from a check point after the time barrierDisqualification
Assistance outside of authorized zonesDisqualification
The participant left the marked track or GPS-trackDisqualification
Participating with petsDisqualification
Missing item(s) of the mandatory equipment checklist listed as ADisqualification
Missing item(s) of the mandatory equipment checklist listed as B1 hour penalty for each item
Discarding of rubbish1 hour penalty for each piece
Loss of race-bib1 hour
Lack of visible race-bib30 minutes
venturing from the marked route by more than 50 m, resulting in a reduction of the distance by less than 1 km and/or a reduction of the total elevation gain  by less than 100 m30 minutes
venturing from the marked route by more than 50 m, resulting in a reduction of the distance by 1 km ore more and/or a reduction of the total elevation gain  by 100 m or moreDisqualification

 In case of disqualification, the participant must stop the race. The organizer is not responsible for the disqualified participant.

All time penalties will be added to the competitor’s results after finishing.


Protests must be submitted to the organization in writing, in English or Russian.

Any claim arising from the runner’s  results must be submitted not later than 3 hours after the finish.


Cut-off times are calculated to allow participants to reach the finish within the time limit. In order to be authorized to continue a race, all participants must leave the check point/aid station before the cut-off time. A participant who fails to meet the time limit is disqualified from the competition, and his bib number is canceled. The  disqualified  participant must return to the finish line by the shortest and safest route completed in full autonomy, at his own expense and under his own responsibility.


Except in case of injury, a runner wishing to abandon the race must do so only at a check point. They must inform the check point team leader so that they cancel the bib number.  Runners who drop out must keep their race bib because it is the pass to access their belongings at the finish line.  

The cost of transportation to the finish line is covered by the participant and depends on the point of  transportation and number of participants sharing the vehicle.

If a runner wishes to abandon while on the route between 2 checkpoints,  decides to go back against the direction of the race, and meets patrol closing the distance, the closing patrol will cancel the runner’s bib number, after which the competitor becomes fully autonomous, beyond the control and responsibility of the organization.

First aid and evacuation

First aid stations are located in the check points and connected to the competition HQ. Medical personnel are on duty throughout the race at the competition HQ.

Every runner must give assistance to any person in danger and alert the volunteers. Do not forget that any kind of unexpected events – linked to the environment and the race – could make you wait for help longer than expected. Your safety therefore depends upon the quality of the items that you have put in your pack.

All medical, paramedical, first aid and guide staff, as well as any person appointed by the race direction are able to:

           exclude from the race any participant who is deemed to be unable to continue the event

           evacuate by any means possible, including helicopter.

A runner who contacts a doctor or search and rescue staff submits to their authority and agrees to accept their decisions.

Security regulations

Runners must stay on the marked path, even when they sleep.  If a runner decides to rest, he\she must do so at the checkpoint or in the immediate vicinity and visibility from the track.  The race-bib must be worn on the chest or stomach and must remain permanently and completely visible during the rest period. If the closing patrol passes without noticing the resting competitor, the competitor is automatically disqualified.


In case of an emergency, please inform the Organizer’s representatives at the nearest checkpoint. Provide them with all the known details, such as  the competitor’s bib number, name, location and time of the accident.  Try to make yourself or the injured runner easy to locate. At night, try to go out to an open place and turn on headlights. To indicate your location, you can use a rescue blanket  (don’t forget to remove it before the helicopter lands!).  To communicate with the craft imitate with your body letter Y if you need evacuation and letter N, if don’t. When the helicopter comes in for a landing, you must pack or remove any items that may be blown away.


Littering is strictly forbidden. All participants must keep their rubbish and wrappers with them until they can throw them in the bins at an aid station. Runners should carry a bag or pouch to carry their waste until the next bin. Toilet paper and human waste must be covered by dirt, away from the race route and water courses.

A competitor who leaves trash on the course will be fined.


If necessary, the organization reserves the right to modify at any time the routes, starting times, cut-off times, the position of aid stations and medical stations, and any other aspect related to the smooth running of the events.

In case of force majeure, bad weather conditions or any other circumstance endangering the participants’ safety, the organization reserves the right to:

           Postpone the start of the race

modify the cut-off times

change the start date

adapt the race’s course

cancel the event

stop the race in progress

If a race is canceled, for any reason beyond the control of the organization,  runners will be partially refunded the entry fees or 80% of the entry fee can be  transferred to the next year.

the organization reserves the right to make any modifications till the May, 30 2022

The copyright of the images
Each ALPINDUSTRIA ELBRUS RACE participant waives any claim against the organization, the  organization’s partners or those who make the ALPINDUSTRIA ELBRUS RACE news coverage regarding the copyright of the photos and videos taken during the competition without any time limit, by media type, by quantity or by means of distribution.

The original version of this document  is in Russian. In the event of inconsistency or discrepancy between the Russianversion and any of the other linguistic versions of this regulations, the Russian version shall prevail.