We were forced to make a difficult decision – to move the race to next year.
Our survey showed that most of the participants came to the same opinion. The situation with COVID-19 is still not stable. Rescheduling an event for a month does not guarantee that it will take place.

On Wednesday, June 3, at 19: 00, we will make a live broadcast on the Alpindustria channel on YouTube, where we will share our thoughts about the future of the race, answer your questions, explain how you can move the slot to 2021 or return the deposit. Link to the live broadcast

We understand that now the situation is difficult for everyone and appreciate for your trust us, so despite all our costs, we decided to return the money in the amount of 100%. But, if you are ready to move your slot to the next year, we will give you 5000 points for purchases in Alpindustria stores and our gratitude

We are missing the mountains as much as your are, for us ADIDAS x ALPINDUSTRIA ELBRUS RACE is an adventure that we are waiting for all year, planning it, prepare for it, get excited during it, enjoying when we see your happy faces at the finish.

This year, nothing is going according to plan, circumstances are stronger than us, but we do not lose hope and look with a smile to the future in 2021.