Irina Rachinskaya about the Ultra distance

The winner of the ELBRUS WORLD RACE 2018

First kilometers of the EWR distance may seem hard to run for most of people, so it’s better to cover this part of the distance on foot. The Ultra distance is considered to be the most beautiful distance because of the pass Dzhikaugenkez. Before you reach the pass, you need to get to the other side of the Subashi river. There is a rope stretched across the river and I strongly recommend to follow this way instead of seeking other ways of getting to the other side.

The top of the ridgeline is very beautiful: you can see the slope on the right and breathtaking views on the left. Although, it’s better to watch your step instead of looking around. There is an area at the end of ridgeline, where you need to hold on to a slope, while passing it sideways. Be aware that it may be cold on top of the ridgeline. I even wore gloves while I was passing this part of the distance. Speaking of equipment, I used trekking poles and wore Salomon Sense Ultra.

There is a dirt road after the pass, where you can speed up. After that you reach a place where Ultra meets the Marathon distance. Then goes the last way up that was already mentioned by Anton. The final downhill has a lot of local rises.

Now a few words about the food. I ate one pack of gel each 45-60 minutes, also I abandoned bars because it’s hard to chew them.